Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kaya's 9th Birthday weekend!

He is 9!
 He is awesome, and we celebrated him for the weekend.
So what did we do?
We Hibatchied ( and sushi'd):
  IMG 1859 IMG 1856 IMG 1864 IMG 1866 IMG 1904
We rock and mineral showed: IMG 1901 IMG 1902 IMG 1900 IMG 1899 IMG 1883
We went and saw our friends in a Shakespeare play.
Well, Shakespeare set in the late 60's..
As you like it.....:
IMG 1903

We caked:
  IMG 1916
We air swam: IMG 1914
We ate ice cream.
  IMG 1871
It was a great weekend of nine. IMG 1874
Happy Birthday Kaya, we love you.


jenny miller said...

Happy Birthday, Kaya! Looks like a wonderful time.

Rosemarie said...

Looks like you were in our neck of the woods. Happy Birthday to Kaya. Hope to see you all soon.

mamak said...

Thank you guys! It was a good weekend!
Rose, who can resist hibachi men in cowboy hats?