Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Collage 2012

IMG 2027
The dyeing of eggs:
  IMG 1989IMG 1988 IMG 1995 IMG 1996 IMG 1998 IMG 2002 IMG 2003
The bunny's snack, and awaiting Baskets: IMG 2008 IMG 2029 IMG 2015
 The morning of: IMG 2031 IMG 2032 IMG 2022
Looking for eggs with his special eyes: IMG 2028
Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's: IMG 2044 IMG 2045 IMG 2046 IMG 2047 IMG 2048
 Good stuff!


Shel said...

Such fun! And I really love the hairdryer for drying the eggs! Brilliant idea!

mamak said...

That was fun! They used it primarily to shrink the little egg wrappers on. But they also loved to use it to roll the eggs around.

Stephanie said...

Awesome action pictures! And I love dyed hands.