Monday, March 19, 2012

Sugar Season

In New England, it's sugar season. Maple syrup season to be exact. Marlin's girl scout troop set up a field trip to Warrup's Farm, in Redding, CT.
 When the troop sets up a trip, it always does it's best to include the siblings. It's a homeschool troop, therefore it rocks like that.
Anyway, the Farmer told us a bit about how to tap a tree, IMG 1525
Let us taste fresh sap,
  IMG 1527
 which taste like slightly sweetened water.
Next, he took us to the Sugar House where he showed us his cool boiler, IMG 1529
and told us how it takes 40-60 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup. IMG 1537
He let the kids taste the partially boiled down syrup. There may have been some double dipping going on…
Next we headed over to the green house to plant some beans. IMG 1538
This has nothing to do with maple syrup, but with the making of syrup there isn't that much to say, so this was a fun way to spend more time being farmy. So, planted green beans they did: IMG 1539 IMG 1540 IMG 1541
Evren seemed to really like his beans. IMG 1543
Finally, the best part..
Maple sugar candy!
  IMG 1545
It's a pretty yummy treat that is indigenous to these New England states.
IMG 1546
We wrapped up our trip, and headed home with a pint of delicious local Maple Syrup. When we got home we did what any person who just got home from a Maple tree farm would do…. IMG 1547 IMG 1548 IMG 1551
A pretty good day.

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MamaTea said...

Pancakes, indeed! Looks like a super awesome trip and so cool the sibs could tag along. :) I am not sure if maple syruping even happened here this year, as we went from winter When we went on our maple syrup adventure a couple years back, they told us the temps have to be warmish during the day and coldish at night. That ain't happening here this year!