Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A really good, long day!

Last Saturday was the CT state finals for Destination Imagination. It has taken me a long time to get to this post, mostly because I am in recovery mode. It was a very hard, long, tiring week leading up to Saturday. I was anxious for the kids, I was backlogged, and I was living off borrowed energy from caffeine. I think the detoxing and removing caffeine back to my one or two cups in the morning is what made for such a sluggish week. I am through the worst of it…
Anyway, I did not sleep well the night before, so it made for a much longer day. But it was a very long day! We woke up at six was on the road by 7:30, and did not come home till past 8. I felt the same as when we take a long flight, and leave the country, and 12 hours later you arrive wherever feeling icky, drained, stuffy, and fuzzy mouthed.
 That kind of draining long day.
Although I felt like doo doo, I could not have been more happy.
The kids did amazing.
 They arrived, and were mentally prepared, they checked out where they would do their play that would explain to the Judges what their project was. IMG 1709
They met and went over their self evaluation form with an appraiser. IMG 1717
Soon it was time to get all of their props into the loading area. IMG 1721
When the appraisers said begin, they had 8 minutes to set up and perform. IMG 1723
As they were performing, the appraisers walked all around them listening carefully, and noting things on their evaluation cards. IMG 1724
The kids just kept right on doing their play. IMG 1725
There were no mess ups, or stage fright, IMG 1726
They did so well for their first time in front of judges and a live audience.IMG 1727
Finally it was over!
They did it all with 27 seconds left on the clock!
The panel of appraisers came out to talk with them. IMG 1729
They interviewed them with questions on how they made their props, where they found information, and  asked for more info on what garbage island was/is. IMG 1730
Basically, they wanted to make sure the kids knew the info that they provided, and that they did this project, not their parents. IMG 1731
The kids answered all of the questions confidently, and marched out of that room with huge smiles! IMG 1735IMG 1749IMG 1754
They did it!
They had some down time before their instant challenge, in which it was just the team and an appraiser. They are sworn to secrecy, and can not talk about what they had to do, but my kids said they did awesome. So I guess that is good!
There was a DJ'd dance party for an hour, so they could blow off steam. IMG 1760
Evren had fun running all over popping bubbles from the bubble machine, IMG 1764
And Addy?
  IMG 1773
Well, he took full advantage of the down time.
Finally, it was almost time for the much anticipated award ceremony! IMG 1775
The kids had to parade in, carrying their team flag,
  IMG 1780
and then take a seat in front of the stage, while they went through the categories announcing winners. Finally, their challenge was called, and guess which team came in first place? IMG 1783IMG 1784
With huge smiles they went up on stage and got their medals and trophy! IMG 1785
Those were some over the moon kids. IMG 1797
My kids were:
We did it!
(Look how tired those eyes are!)
  IMG 1798
 and, I can't believe it! IMG 1799
 and Ev was all, let me hold it, too!

We finally meandered out of there and headed out for a 27 person Indian feast. IMG 1804
What a day.
What an amazing, wonderful day.
Great work crazed carrots, all of that hard work paid off!
Now, we are off to compete in the Global finals in Knoxville, Tennessee at the end of May.
Look, they made the paper!


Stephanie said...

I have been following this challenge on Jessica's blog, but I can't get hers to load to leave a comment. I'm so glad to see pictures here! Destination Imagination sounds like such a blast! Good work!

mamak said...

Thank you, Stephanie! It is a lot of work, and equally as fun. I am really glad we took up the opportunity last fall. I was hesitant, as I knew what a commitment it was. My kids are already talking about next year!