Friday, March 16, 2012


So, the boy's class at the co-op has been going well!
They worked hard finishing up their planes: IMG 1210 IMG 1211
At last, the planes were finished and they were able to take them out for a test fly! IMG 1397 IMG 1398 IMG 1399 IMG 1400
It was a bit windy, so it was hard to get them to fly right. Honestly, they just want to suspend them from the ceilings in their room and savor them.
They have started their next project, which is building and designing their own pine wood derby car. IMG 1513 IMG 1518
It's pretty fun,
  IMG 1519 IMG 1508
And apparently, so is using the vice!
IMG 1505 IMG 1507
They made a hand sandwich,
  IMG 1503
I was finally able to sneak a picture of Marlin in her theatre class rehearsing the play, "The Sneetches", by Dr. Seuss.
IMG 1512
I was also able to drop in on her Little House class, and we both learned some pretty cool new string tricks!
  IMG 1521 IMG 1522 IMG 1523 
That one is witch's broom, because it does resemble a broom.
See it?
We also learned another trick, and now she and I can trap your hand in the string, and then we can get all magical and release your hand within the matrix of string with out actually touching your hand.
If you see us soon, you should ask us to show you….
You will be awed.


Rosemarie said...

looks like lots of fun. Maybe next time we will be in it together??? See you soon.

mamak said...

Yes, I hope so. I guess we'll have to wait until fall, as they aren't offering much for spring. I may check out the Great Hollow one in Newtown though...

Stephanie said...

Probably the finest thing I learned in school was string play! Love that! :)

The gliders look awesome. Super fun class. Can't wait to see the cars!!

jenny miller said...

Lots of fun going on. We're going to definitely make some planes like that. And the ketchup tee is great. My youngest would love that!

mamak said...

She is all about the string now. I need to get a book or something so she can see some new things.
In my house Ketchup ( catsup?) is a food group. I am sure it is in your home as well!

jenny miller said...

Yes, it's definitely it's own food group in our house! Our boys love the string play, too. If you want to message me your address, we have a Klutz book of string figures we are passing along. And Yay! for the changing of seasons!