Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The final push.

IMG 1202
The Destination Imagination state finals is on Saturday. THIS Saturday March 24th! The kids are finishing up their incredible project, putting a lot of hours in on their improv and scenery. IMG 1575
I can not believe how much hard work, and pure energy went in to completing this project. IMG 1586
 I mean this is a group of absolutely fantastic children, but really I am blown away. IMG 1592
 When I decided to homeschool my kids years ago, this is the exact sort of project based learning that I had envisioned.
  IMG 1587
My kids have never been as focused, or as committed to something as detailed and as powerful to them, and people around them as they have been with this project. IMG 1584
Now don't get me wrong, it has been quite a commitment! Tuesday was another six hour day! When you add in commuting time, that is an 8 hour day! Week after week this can get to be exhausting and disruptive to family life. We will be DI-ing for 4-5 days this week with a cumulative total of 11 hours working towards being ready for finals, and finals themselves taking 8 hours on Saturday. But it's exciting, and they are so geared up for Saturday. IMG 1595
We will find out if they make it to the next round, which is Global Finals in Knoxville, TN in May. I wish them all the best. But you know what? I have seen these kids literally grow and change right before my eyes. I can't even describe how powerful of an experience this has been for them. They have cried tears of utter frustration, squealed with joy, and smiled some of the widest smiles I have ever seen. IMG 1592
But the very best part is hearing them speak about everything with such pride and ownership. This has turned out to be one truly outstanding journey for the kids. IMG 1315


Jessica said...

I am so going to repost this to my blog. Hope you don't mind......

mamak said...

Nope! Do it!

Lisa said...

sounds so cool! i love homeschooling for all the same reasons!! watching your kids grow before your eyes like that is so precious!!

Rosemarie said...

Wishing you all a wonderful day and the best of luck on Saturday.

Shel said...

Good luck friends! Getting a peek at what the kids have done through this experience has been such a treat! Wish we could be there to cheer the team on tomorrow! Can't wait to hear the good word!

Andrea said...

Sorry I have been unattentive, this is inspiring and amazing. I think I saw a FB post about winning???? If so, they sure deserved it, but if not, doesn't matter one little bit. Love the journey.