Thursday, March 8, 2012

Destination Imagination and the movie screening.

I have been so busy taking the kids back and forth and helping them research, spell check, and everything else related to the project they are working on with DI, that I have not actually sat down to write about it! IMG 0958
 The destination Imagination organization, and these children are amazing! IMG 1206
 The sheer amount of time that they have spent together focusing, and doing all of the things that need to get done in order to have a public movie screening is remarkable. IMG 1313 IMG 1316
This has been the most rewarding experience for all of us. I have never seen my kids as focused, and as happy with themselves than they have been seeing this project through. IMG 1341 IMG 1344
 They have grown so much right in front of my eyes in so many ways. They now both carry this… I am not sure, an inner confidence maybe, that has changed them. It is an amazing thing to witness. I am so glad that we decided to join this team and stick with it all of these months. I really could go on and on, But I will just get on with it from here on out. The team of six decided to chose the challenge of helping three animals in need. They chose Polar bears and climate change, Green sea turtles and plastic bags, and sharks who are under the threat of finning. They contacted various agencies to see how they could help. IMG 1004
 They wound up hooking up with the Mystic Aquarium for the polar bears and sea turtles, the Sharkwater group for sharks, and Earthplace for the movie screening. A call to Sharkwater allowed full public use of their documentary for a screening, and Earthplace allowed them the space to host it. IMG 1005
 They put in so many hours making crafts such as decorating canvas bags, and making clay creatures, IMG 1006
 and beautiful paintings, IMG 1237
 to raise money for the bears, turtles, and sharks. They spent hours on an informational fact board. IMG 1369 IMG 1373
 The screening happened last night, and it was a huge success. IMG 1416
 So many people came out to support these kids and their cause. They sold out of their crafts, and touched so many with their amazing hard work. IMG 1421
They spoke in front of an audience with such confidence, and they buzzed around all night in such happiness. I am so proud of them. They did all of this pretty much by themselves. IMG 1424
These kids, like most kids, are so capable to just go out in the world and do such good things. IMG 1404
IMG 1409
Big things.
They raised 488.15 for these animals. IMG 1428
They just needed a little support and guidance from Adults who can help them succeed with their goals. It is not over yet. They have plenty of work to do for state finals, and the very real possibility of making it to nationals in Tennessee!
I can hardly wait to see it all unfold. IMG 1184

I am so very proud of these kids.
Please check out this blog for even more pictures!


Shel said...

Oh how I wish I could have attended the screening (though I have a feeling the movie would have had me in tears)! The pictures and words of this post and Jess's just make me even more certain that these kids, our kids, are seriously going to change the world!

Keep up the hard work, team!

mamak said...

I wish you could have been there, Shel! Your heart would have soared when you saw how passionate these kids were for this cause! Amazing.