Friday, February 17, 2012


Evren had a birthday! He awoke to receive his gifts. IMG 1073
 A backpack complete with a dragon from Marlin: IMG 1072

 and a new Skylander from Kaya:
  IMG 1075

 He got the traditional singing Birthday telegram from his Grandparents:
  IMG 1076

 He went on a hike: IMG 1095

 He ate yummy treats at the book store: IMG 1084

 He played with his favorite things, alligators, and his Brother: IMG 1096 IMG 1093

 He went to pick out presents at another store, this involved more goofiness: IMG 1092

 He came home to build his new kit: IMG 1094

 And ride on his new scooter all night long: IMG 1090

Maybe this year, his seventh year, he will finally figure out that it is way less painful to ride down the bannisters the other way… IMG 1070

 Only time will tell.
 Happy Birthday Evren.
 We love you so much!


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

Shel said...

Happy 7th birthday to Ev! May this be his best trip around the sun yet! :)

Helena said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your boy! What a lot of glorious loveliness the day brought! I am so glad for all of you. Thanks for sharing Evren's special day here.

And I am glad, quite simply, for you, Kim. Thanks for your kindness and support. Thanks for posting awesome pictures of guinea pigs amongst the oranges and for your words. It's so wonderful to know you.

Andrea said...

Such a great celebration, it looks as if everyone had a great time. Seven is such a fun age, of course I feel every age is special, but even so....Happy Day and Year!