Friday, February 3, 2012

Scenes from a re check

Back to the Ortho and had a minimal wait this time,
 IMG 0716
 hardly had time to play.
Arm is looking better, IMG 0717
The bone chip is healing well, no sign of a fracture, and definitely no surgery!
 He is now in a sling and needs to do special exercises 3 times daily. If it is not moving properly or if it continues to be as stiff as it is now, he moves on to physical therapy.
Apparently he ripped through a few ligaments, so we'll see how he does.
 We'll see what next week brings.
Took the few minutes in between x-rays to find more beauty. IMG 0727 IMG 0728
 It's all around!
all. the. time.

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Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Glad to hear the healing is going well.

Love the beauty you captured and you are so right, it is all around, you just need to make the choice to see it :)