Monday, February 27, 2012


These days are for playing out in mild weather: IMG 1229
 and for brushing old ponies: IMG 1230
 Days for exploring Google Earth with friends: IMG 1228 IMG 1231
 Days for earning stripes on belts:
  IMG 0430IMG 0431
 Days for hiking in woods with a good man, and some fine dogs: IMG 1161
 and discovering signs of spring: IMG 1160
 Days for joining in your Sisters art class, and liking it: IMG 1232
 Days for banging on stuff alone: IMG 1003
 and with friends:
  IMG 1001
 Days for discovering crazy things in the men's bathroom: IMG 1221
I love everyone of these wild colorful days: IMG 1220
 Even when they are found in the men's bathroom.


Winnie said...

What was that in the boy's bathroom?


mamak said...

It was mixed up soaps in the soap container. It was really cool and creepy!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Skunk Cabbage!

MamaTea said...

You inspire me! I was also wondering what the heck was in the mens bathroom but see you answered that in the comments. Ah, the treasures to be found. :)