Friday, January 27, 2012

We joined a Co op

I like to put a space between the words, or else I see it as coop.
As in we flew the coop.
Chicken coop.
Chickens are dirty.
 In which I certainly would like to leave the coop too..
 But I digress
So anyway, what I am referring to is a homeschool co op.
Kids take classes taught mostly by parent or kid volunteers, or hired teachers.
 I believe there are 35 families involved.
Marlin is taking an acting class,

There will be a play to see at the end!
 I am excited about that, as is she.
She is also taking a Little House on the Prairie class.

My understanding is that they play games and do stuff featured in the little house books.
The boys were a little leery, so we just started with one class to see if they liked it.
They are in a Modes of Transportation class.

Basically they are going to build things.

Things that will move like a glider plane, a pinewood derby car, and build bridges and have a challenge of some sort at the end of the class.

So this is our foray into the world of co ops.
So far so good.
And there are lots of boys there!

Which is good because our core tribe is so girl heavy.
Kaya was even able to explain his injury and have a boy say, cool!,

instead of the girl default response of,  Ewww!
He smiled.
I have been trying to keep very busy this winter. Getting through winter with out losing steam and becoming some what depressed is hard for me. But when your busy, and the days are flying by it helps so much.
I can't believe it's nearly February already!
I hope they like it enough to continue into spring.
I hope they don't want to fly the coop....


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

This sounds exciting! So nice to find such a co-op. Looks like fun!

Rosemarie said...

You are too funny. Left my dog with your husband this morning. He made me feel better about leaving her. See you soon. Rose

mamak said...

Oh, good. I'll ask him to give her extra treats and blankets!