Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our day at the Doctor's

We had a 10:30 Orthopedic appointment, and walked out a 1:00.

We waited,

fooled around,

 and then got tired of it all.

We got cranky,

and then just goofy.

After a few x-rays,

it appears he has a tore a ligament off the bone and left a chip.That is the little white line in the upper right, near the bone. See it?
 Sounds bad but is common. It should self repair. There is also a pretty good chance that he has a supracondylar fracture, which may or may not need surgical repair. We'll re evaluate next week.
It is that faint line that is above where the two bones would bend. It's hard to see...
Depending on how things look on the next x-ray, we may move on to a MRI.

Happy healing vibes for Kaya!


Jessica said...

Kim, this is a sucky occasion, but you are taking some amazing pictures! I love that your family can find humor in even the more boring of events. They make me smile.

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

Sending healing vibes.

The Guile Hooligan said...

Hey, is it okay if I invite you for my Friday Meet and Greet meme?

The Guile Hooligan said...

Umm. sorry, I'm not doing that meme anymore... Sorry again! :)

Andrea said...

Healing thoughs, healing thoughts. I agree, very good pictures. I am so sorry to hear about the broken bone and torn ligament, and see the bruising. I hope you get out of the MRI. Take care everyone!