Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Just another week

in which many things occur.
Major Lego action,

a fascination with Ants,

Making natural moisturizing cream,



The act of being in the vicinity of Mom, when she has her camera,

Second snow!

Piano lesson,

Self portraiting,
A toast-man (obviously...)

 By Evren
and a good looking hamburger,

by Marlin
 And it's actually only Wednesday morning....


Shel said...

I love, love, love, love that picture of Marlin! It's just awesome. Looks like another great week in B-town!

Would love to know more about the ant farm. Are they in a see through gel? And what do they eat in there?

mamak said...

Yes, they are in a gel, and they eat and get water from that Gel. But in my opinion, it is a sad life. They can't function normally, they can't put the dead away from themselves, and they are always trying to escape. This is a friends farm, not sure I would recommend one. It was sad to watch after a while..... Maybe just watch a good documentary!