Thursday, January 5, 2012


This year, I want to focus on giving. We did a pretty great job during the Holiday season, but we have relaxed since.

I want to delve back in, somehow.

We have discussed sponsoring a child, or a dog, food drives, Habitat for humanity. It is yet to be decided. Maybe we can give to a few things. I did snap some photos of them giving in the moment.
Coat drive:

Marlin has collected nearly 85.00 dollars!
She left a jar on the counter with her intentions to give it to wolf song of Alaska written on it. We, she, family, and friends have been plunking change and bills in there for the past year.

She is so excited!
She is so awesome.
You can be awesome, too. Just saying...
The Boys picked up some toys to give to toys for tots:

They felt good, and they want to keep doing it.
They are awesome as well.
 I guess I just need to seek out the opportunities to keep on doing it.
 For 2012, be as awesome as you possibly can.


Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

What a wonderful focus for 2012.

It is something we focus on here too. I am really looking forward to when my little guy is a little older and really understands what we are doing.

Andrea said...

YOu are right about how it was easier over the holidays, so many opportunities right there in front of stores and at all the check-outs. I will be watching to see what you decide to donate to. Lately we have been going to Goodwill and dropping off lots of stuff, which always feels good. But nothing regular planned. i should work on that.