Wednesday, January 11, 2012


On Tuesdays, while I am in a different town 20 minutes away with other kids, Ev jumps in a car with a different Mom and heads over her house to have a piano lesson right after/before her Daughter. The Teacher is lovely. She comes to the house, and sits patiently with my little man and teaches him how to play.
I am never there at the time to witness it, so I have been imagining him sitting still and listening, and playing.
Yesterday, Ev and the Teacher did a "duet" together. Jess was kind enough to capture it for me, and I am so glad she did!

 I have watched these clips over and over, cause it's so cute.
 I love looking at his little fingers perched in just that way, and that he is looking intently at sheet music, and that his head bobs slightly at times, and how he looks at his Teacher at the end. Even though I can't see his sly little grin. I know which grin he is giving...

It's the little grin of happy and cool, but don't look at me too long cause it's embarrassing. It's the grin he gives others in that new-scary-awkward-I-did-it-moment.
I love that grin.