Thursday, January 19, 2012


Friends for dinner, a nerf gun battle, a leap over the couch for cover, and a dislocated elbow.
We know how to entertain our dinner guests!
 Kaya was so calm and brave.
He wanted to remember his big event and wanted many photographs.
Describing his pain to the nurse:

Post morphine:


So dislocated...

 Ugly elbow:

He had just eaten dinner, so we  had to wait for 4 hours till they could sedate for the procedure to fix his arm:
Yeah for  dvd's, ipods, and ds's.
Finally, procedure done, and waking up from some very good drugs:

He was such a funny, sweet, little drunk.
Apparently he went to Blockville, and danced with Justin Bieber.
Thing is he dislikes Justin Bieber.
It was very funny.
He said it was an amazing experience.
 I believe him.
More X-rays:

All better!:
Midnight munchie time!:

He really loved that popsicle.
This morning:

He really likes the sling.
He says he might want to work in a hospital, he says it was such an interesting place.
He really liked the whole process..
He is such a funny, lovely, precious dude.


Rosemarie said...

Oh, Kim. So sorry for Kaya but I still can't believe how calm he was. My boys would have been screaming. We hope he is feeling better soon.

Shel said...

You know a good time was had by all when body parts are getting dislocated! Glad he did so well through the whole thing, and I love that he wanted lots of pictures taken! Hope he's feeling better soon. But in the meantime, popsicles for all!

Jessica said...

Poor Kaya, we were so worried about him, especially before we knew what was wrong. Yale has great docs and they treat children well. I am glad it is not broke. It won't slow him down as long...

Kim Corrigan-Oliver said...

On no!!! He looked so calm through it all. Glad he is on the mend.

Heart Rockin Mama said...

He IS all of those things. I can just imagine how wonderful he was throughout it all. Glad he is on the mend. Give him our love.

The Guile Hooligan said...

Hi. I just looooove your posts!!! I love all of KAMKE! Wish him a fast recovery...
And come by my side...

Stephanie said...

Ah, man! So sorry, Kaya! Hope it's feeling much better already!