Monday, January 9, 2012

Deer Cam!

Oh how we love this wildlife camera!
Addy was lucky enough to get a deer during hunting season this year.

After using all the meat we could for ourselves, and the stuff we were not fond of for our dogs, we hauled the carcass out back,

 and set up the camera to see who would clean up the remains.
There were:

Turkey Vultures:




Our dog!:

Red tailed Hawk:

I have taken a few days off, but I will put the camera back to see what else pokes around. My hope is to one day catch an image of the elusive Bobcat, or Fisher cat, or in the Summer, a bear!
 And I will also share an extremely cool photo! Remember I think lots of gross things are cool...
This is the deers stomach loaded with undigested vegetation...

But upon closer observation, I noticed some distinct imprints upon the stomach contents showing the cellular patterns of the stomach's lining.

Anyway, we had our friends over on the weekend, and they spent a lot of time tromping through the woods and creek. They found another Deer kill!

This one looked a lot like the work of coyotes. Although we looked, and looked,

 we never found the body.
It was weird.
So, we hiked on back home and declared it a mystery.

Good times.
Check on over here, for more pictures!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Oh So Cool!!!
Declan will be so envious of all those bones :)

Shel said...

It's always so cool to see what you capture on your Deer Cam! Love the photos on Jess' blog too!

Andrea said...

Great night shots. I love all the animals you were able to capture, it really is a whole other world out there in the woods. We think we are so far from "the wild", but we're not! The blog looks great, by the way. Stomach lining very cool as well.