Saturday, January 28, 2012


I have been talking about sponsoring a child for the last 6 months with the kids. We have discussed the why's and how's,  and what countries are in most need.
Next, Marlin and I looked at a few agencies and did research on them, the BBB, and Charity Navigator.
We settled on Children's International.
Then came the task of picking the country. We wanted some place we could realistically visit one day. It send shivers down my spine at the thought of meeting a sponsored child, the family, to see the region, and spend a day with people who have become so special.
Doesn't that sound amazing?
We were between Dominican Republic and Mexico.
Since Marlin was really into it, I let her choose the child.
She wanted a girl, around her age.
She did not seem to connect with anyone in the Dominican Republic.
So we checked out Mexico.
She knew right away when she spotted Andrea.

She is 9, and lives in an area called Jalisco. I think she lives on the poverty stricken outskirts of Guadalajara. Atleast that is what I gathered from wiki.
She lives with her parents and has a brother, and sister.
They survive on 167.00 per month.
She likes singing, dancing, and playing with dolls.
 They live in a 4 room house with 2 beds.
We received her picture the other day.

We wrote our first letter introducing ourselves to her.
 Mostly, she is Marlin's sponsored child.
The boys are not really interested yet.

They think this is nice, but they would like a boy to sponsor. I showed them photos of the boys in Mexico, but none clicked.
We'll look again in a while.

For now,  there is Andrea.


Andrea said...

Totally cool, and I love the name (hehehe). Do you write to her in Spanish or English? I love the idea of this, but am so suspicious of all organizations. I should get over it. Perhaps you will inspire me.

mamak said...

They have translators, so we are able to write in English.
I am quite sure there are shady agencies. This one happens to be quite transparent. You can visit the families if you like, and many people have. I feel good about this one. I guess with everything, you have to do your research and hope for the best. I am feeling good about this one..
I knew you would dig her name!