Saturday, December 31, 2011

Visiting Great Grandma

Great Grandma does not have such great luck around the Holidays.

Last year she spent Christmas with a broken hip, and this year she suffered a series of minor strokes.

We visited her on Christmas day in the Rehab center, she was weak and tired,

 but the kids tried their best to be with her.

Being old, is very hard, but she takes it all in stride.
We love her.
If you have elderly neighbors, adopt them. Do something every day to make their world easier. I now truly realize how long, frustrating, and lonely a single day can be for an older person.
But you and your family can make it easier!
Bring their mail to them and say hi, it will only take five minutes. Bring some home baked cookies and stay for a cup of tea, bring their garbage cans out and back on garbage day. If you are going to the store, ask if they need something. Bring some flowers on a gloomy day. Offer anything even if it seems small.
To them it's not, it's really huge.


Winnie said...

Kim, You brought a tear to my eye. Those pictures remind me so much of my Gram who I miss so dearly. It is true about the adopt a neighbor advice. We do that for our next door neighbors and the gift you get is greater than the gifts you give.


Shel said...

What a wonderful post Kim! She is so blessed to have such a wonderful family to visit her and bring some joy into her days!