Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simply lovely

The weather has been outstanding. I think it is the best Autumn that I can ever remember. It's December, in Connecticut, and we are still hitting the 50's.
Simply lovely.
So our hitting up the beach didn't end like I predicted weeks ago.
The beach!

Now the beach is gorgeous,  no one can truly argue that.
 But these Children, MY children, look at them.

 How did I get these beautiful Children?

 How did I get so lucky?

 I must deserve this goodness, because here I am sharing this wonderful life with them.

One day, I hope they feel the exact same way when they look at their children drenched in the golden light of a beach.
 It is soul stirring.
Utterly humbling.
Simply lovely.


Heart Rockin Mama said...


Shel said...

Love this post, Kim! It turly has been an incredible stretch of weather and the beach looks fabulous, but only more so with your gorgeous littles on it!

Jessica said...

The beach is one of those magical places. Each season it holds something new for the kids to discover.

Helena said...

Aww. That's so beautiful, Kim. Not just because you're at the beach, and your photos are lovely and your kids look so happy. Also because I love posts with this much love in them. It's gooey with love. Dripping, in that yummy way when you know there aren't enough containers in the world to hold it all. Yeah. I'm so glad for posts like this!

And I think you might have our summer! Please, can we have it back? Even just a little? :)