Saturday, December 17, 2011

A decade

Marlin turned 10.
It went so fast for me. Really shocking how fast the years go.
But anyway despite my pleas to stop growing, she is thrilled to be 10. You know, because 10 takes up two hands, and it's not a single digit.
Very exciting.
We always have low key birthdays. She hung out with a really great friend that we don't see as often as we like, and her brothers.

It was a weekend long event!
She picked up her friend at school,

This was them waiting patiently in the car.

Kind of...
Then we hightailed it to the movies,

to see Hugo, which was so good.
Then we chinese'd.

The next day we crafted at a new friends house,

more on that soon.
 Then we high tailed it out for a dinner celebration at the Rainforest Cafe.
 That is a fun spot to eat!
 And try on hats..

Then we shopped at Claire's, because we were at the mall. And if there is Claire's close by it calls out for Marlin.
Then on the very last day, they skated. Minus Kaya, who opted for a fun day home with Dad.

Skating has become one of Marlin's things that she likes to do.
It was such a great weekend,

to celebrate such a great girl.

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