Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Party

Marlin's Girl Scout troop put together a nice Holiday party, and invited all the siblings to join in.
It was a very crafty party.

Evren was feeling wiley that day, and not much into the crafting.

He was firmly in, "Be a goof and run around while little girls chase you" mode. In fact that was the only picture I was able to get of him, and it's still a blur. He was literally vibrating with hyper energy.
Kaya surprised me,

 he did many crafts,

 and was very into them.

Marlin is always crafty, and so she had a nifty time.

And there was a game of Twister that broke up the craftiness a bit,

  you can't go wrong really.
 It was an awesome Holiday hang out with all of our friends.

Then I dropped Marlin over for a sleepover at Jess', as they were going to meet an Author early the next morning. While I was there, Grace and I stumbled across this and made one of our very own:
Isn't is lovely?
Hint- You need much patience when getting the wick to light...
It was a fun day, and it created this Christmas look over my table.

That is what one just might call, Christmas Fabulous.
 Pretty sure....


Shel said...

Love, love, love the clemintine candle! I think I'll make some for Solstice!

Andrea said...

Very festive looking! I would love to have a crafty kid, but I have two "run around and let girls chase you", so no crafts for me!