Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve is always buzzing with excitement for us. Three kids who can hardly contain their energy. So we have to keep busy to help them pass the long hours of waiting. I remember the waiting from when I was a kid. It's not just Christmas Eve, but the whole thing. The Advent calendar countdown, that whole endless week before, 5, 4, 3, 2, Tomorrow!
It was all good, but so hard.
So we did what do on this special day before....
We baked Christmas cookies,

We headed  off to New Haven's Fantasy of Lights:

We headed for home to meet with my parents and have a nice dinner. Then the kids opened presents from each other.

It was awesome. This is the first year they spent their own money on each other. They loved it. Marlin got Kaya a fossil cow shark tooth, Ev got him Lego mini figures, and a stuffed animal. The boys got Marlin some Bucky balls. These are such awesome things, and have been played with so much. You can make endless things. Like this gun Kaya came up with:

 Ev is so into it, he is using his Christmas money to buy his own set.  Marlin bought Ev a huge stuffed fish he had been wanting so badly for his bed
He was so happy.
Kaya also gifted him some mini figures, and a stuffed animal. Their gifts were identical to each other, which I thought was awesome.
 Then it was time to bust out some fireworks, because nothing screams Christmas like sparkly loud fireworks.

Finally it was time to light a fire, play with our new toys, and watch movies.

After skyping far-away loved ones, we finally headed off around midnight to let sugar plums dance in our heads.

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Shel said...

Nothing like fireworks on Christmas Eve! Love it!