Thursday, December 15, 2011


After cutting the tree down, the lady taking our money asked if the kids wanted a candy cane.
She said, go into the barn and ask Santa.

 This Santa wanted to hear all about what they wanted. He did the whole creepy fake guy dressed up as "Santa's Helpers"..

"You can tell me, and I will tell Santa, cause he is so busy", on and on...
My kids HATE that.
But my kids are also very awesome. Even though they were so done with this spiel, they were so  polite, no obnoxious faces or sounds. They entertained his whole gig, respectfully.

Then the guy forgot to offer them a candy cane!
So I helped them out and said, "Hey, "SANTA", do you have any candy canes?
And he was all, "Oh I forgot about those...." anyway, it was funny, and so awkward and my unsocialized homeschool weirdo kids navigated that bit of awkward like the totally awesome mature punks they are.

 And then when we were out of earshot and eyesight, they giggled, eye rolled, poked me, and told me how much they hated me.
It was a totally a my kids are really great people moment. And for Moms, that is so much fun to see in action.
 Navigating the world with kindness, and a pure heart. Their compass is a good, and solid one.
 And now for a little Moral:
Taking candy from strangers is still probably a bad idea, even during the yule tide season.
Or nothing is truly free, even in the season of giving.
So funny!
 Look at Marlins face!


Shel said...

Oh my gosh, Marlin's face in that last picture is totally awesome! Your kids rock!

Jessica said...

Your kids rock.