Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick or treat?

This years wacky weather left us with out power and a town cancelled Halloween. It was rescheduled for the next Saturday, due to the iffy situation. No power, electric wires, and many limbs down with impassible roads.  Now, I don't know about what you would do, but moving Halloween, even if for good reasons was just not going well in our world.
No, hell no! We celebrate on the 31st!
Trick or treating in November?
 That month already has it's own Holiday..
 So we packed up our things and headed over to Jess' house. She stepped up to host for all of us out of power folks.
 She even fed us an amazing home cooked chicken dinner, she made her house toasty warm, and there was beer!
We were among so many good friends, full and happy, and ready to set out into the night.
And step out we did!

I had a witch,

a zombie,

 and a Ninja,

in tow this year.
After a good walk and a ton of loot,

 it was time for the candy swap.

 It's the best part!
On our way back home, we stopped by the local farm in our powerless town to see if they tried to pull off the pumpkin display.
They rallied!

Although it was a much smaller display than last years, and they used candles.
It would not have been quite right, or as complete with out seeing it.
It was an awesome halloween!
I love all of our friends.


Jessica said...

You know how some nights will just be remembered as the closest thing to perfect that you can get? That night was one for me. I loved every minute of it.

Shel said...

Yay for awesome friends! You and Jess truly are kindred spirits! And I am so glad that you got to see the pumpkin display at Clover Nook (that little farm is one of my favorite places in town). And yes, Halloween in November is just odd! :)