Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A little look sea

We took Dede and Babaanne to the Maritime Aquarium to check out the sea life,
 and to catch an Imax film, Born to be Wild.
Awesome movie which brought me to tears in both happy and sad ways.
  We have not been to check out an aquarium in so long!
 There were even meercats there.

They were pretty cute to watch. They always had one little guy on watch, and he would be staring up at the ceiling to look out for hawks.  We kind of wanted a pet meercat...
Touch a ray is still a fave.

We wanted a pet ray as well.


 Touch tank,



Had to take the opportunity to creaturefy ourselves before we departed.

It was fun to check out an aquarium again. We took a break from them for so long as we were burnt out a little.
You know what I really missed?
 That briney/ salty sea life smell.
I love that.

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Stephanie said...

When we go out to the Great Salt Lake, crossing the water to the island is so.... restorative? therapeutic?... soul-stirring? yes, soul-stirring for me.
The air turns warmer, it thickens, my skin soaks up the salt and moisture... all of my senses try to take that inside me to keep it. I always close my eyes and just feel it.
Not exactly the sea, but very close... and I absolutely cherish it. (the smell is the same in spots, as well.)
So I know what you mean. :)