Thursday, November 10, 2011


One of Marlin's most loved friends decided against a big birthday party in order to have a special weekend in the city with her BFF. It was one of the best weekends ever in history. These two girls and their equally amazing Mama's tore up the town!
Trains make us happy.
 Something good is probably going to happen if you are on the train...
After dropping off our bags at the hotel, we decided to grab a sweet
at Magnolia Bakery.

Marlin had a key lime mini cheese cake, and my mama friend and I shared an out of this world lemon bar.
 Then we headed towards Rockefellar center, to check things out.

We bought small trinkets for the brothers at the Lego store.

and then headed back over to the Rock to skate!

They skated for two hours!

And wanted more!

Then we started to get hungry. So we headed over to the Star Dust Diner, where Broadway hopefuls not only serve up some great hamburgers,

they sing to you as you eat!
But we wanted more fun! So we decided to go see the Gazillion Bubble show. It was a strange show in which so many things were done with bubbles.

I was not allowed to take pictures so all the bubble pictures are from google images.

There really were probably a gazillion bubbles...

But we were not done yet!
Next we decided to short cut through Central Park,

and walk around F.A.O Schwartz. We decided to see the big piano.
We did not get a chance to play it, because there was a long line.
The girls really wanted to go to Dylan's candy bar, so we hopped on the subway and went!
It's a huge three story candy store with so many candies from the past.

I bought a pack of chuckles!
 Remember those?
We ended the night with a trip to Serendipity's for their famous deserts.
It was magical...
We ordered their signature frozen hot chocolate,

which was huge and so, so good!
We were all feeling pretty beat up so we headed back to Time's square,

and we grabbed some pizza, and sushi, and headed back to the hotel.

We all fell asleep quickly..
But our adventure in NYC was far from over.
 The next morning we got ourselves together, and headed downtown to get the best donuts we have ever eaten at the doughnut plant.

If you ever head into the city, you just must eat these! These doughnuts will be in my belly again pretty soon, because I really want to take the boys. They must have this goodness.
Big fan..
Then we hoofed it over to China Town,

where we spent pretty much the whole day looking at the shops, and the weird crazy stores with bizarre dried bits of things you did not even know one could eat. I did not get many pictures because I was so absorbed in looking at all these crazy things!
We passed through this park in the heart of China Town. People were practicing Tai Chi, and Martial Arts, people were playing Mah Jong, Mandarin was heard everywhere, and there was music!

 We sat a spell, and listened. It was hard to remember that we were still in America.

It was awesome.
 Hunger set in, and we were really looking forward to eating Dim Sum, so we headed over to our designated eatery, Dim Sum Go Go. There was a wait and luckily I bought some Rambutans from a street vendor, so we had a pre lunch snack.

Rambutans are a bit like Lychee.
Finally, we were in and eating.

We ate so much we felt like we would pop.
We were so close to Little Italy. We decided that it was a must that we walk over, switch up cultures, and grab a cannoli, an Italian soda, and some cappuccino for dessert.

And we were tired and full and happy.
So we decided to get on home.

It was an amazing weekend.
With beautiful and well loved friends, and we were grateful, and happy, and felt filled up with it all.
It's the best feeling.


Stephanie said...

What a fabulous trip!! :) I'm so happy for M!
How wonderful to get such a treat.

Shel said...

Wow! What an incredibly special trip! My adventures in NY have never been as fab as this one, maybe I'll have to tag along with you sometime! :)

Jessica said...

Awww.....they look so grown up. What an amazing birthday gift!

Dawn said...

I will have to remember this post. We are planning a vacation for the last week of June. We definitely want to hit NYC for a couple of days and LOTS of your places look GREAT! Definitely Chinatown! I would love to see what Jacob thinks. What hotel did you stay at? I will need to write down your iternary.

Lynch Family said...

Glorious trip! I love NYC and you all did it up right. Fabulous memories made.