Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fire light

There are some pretty big cons to losing power for 5 days.
They are as follows:
No flushing toilets or any access to any water in the house. So thank goodness there is the creek that we can use to flush...
No water for the barn animals, again, YEAH creek!
Having to cook everything on the grill. Fun at first, gets old somewhere on day three.
No vacuum, much sweeping.
Having to rotate entire contents of fridge/freezer out into freezing night, and then back in during the day, ho hum!
No laundry, this just is sucky.
No showers, this is just smelly and itchy.
No heat, this is cold,
No cell tower power, no clue as to what is going on...
Anyway I could go on, but I really want to talk about the BEST part.
The part where we all sleep together and read till we got good and tired by the fire.

That was the very best part!
 Oh, wanted to mention that Babanne and Dede are still here, having adventures with us. But luckily we have family a little bit away that had power. We sent them off to live in the world of electricity!
 We are nice like that.


MamaTea said...

Love the picture of the feet by the fire! Hang in there - you're awesome and can make the best of anything. Your kids will grow up with amazing memories! :)

Rosemarie said...

I love the picture where you can see the word Family on the mantle and then their little feet. Great!

Shel said...

I love the picture where you can see the word family too! That one is fab! And I totally agree, the family snuggle and falling asleep together is my favorite part too! It's the only way we made it through our powerless time during this storm too!

Andrea said...

Thank goodness for old fashioned fireplaces and camping gear too! I am so sorry you lost power for so long. I can't imagine how hard that was with the animals. Yes, yeah for the creek. I hope you are all clean and rested and warm.

Anonymous said...

What great photos! I didn't mind being without power last year for the same all together in one room:)

Jessica said...

You are such an inspiring family. You truly take lemons and make lemonade.