Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cooking with Babaanne

The kids loved helping Babaanne cook, bake, make meals, and other general yumminess.
In fact there was a whole lot of making going on!
Ev making stew with baby Okra:

Marlin making mixed vegetable pickles:

Kids all helping to make bread:

 Turkish twisty bread!

Babaanne is honestly one of the best cooks I know. To eat one of her dinners is to eat really, really well.


Marcie said...

Why is it our European family members all know how to cook and better yet, eat? My grandmother came to America from France back in the 40's, and she knows how to cook. And she expects everyone to eat, and eat a lot.

mamak said...

She is wonderful and we ate a ton. I know plenty of people of all back grounds who can cook, but she knows how to make nearly everything from scratch! Like vinegars, molasses, amazing!