Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Amish life, woosh!

Dede had expressed an interest in go to see the Amish, and Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. It would mean a crazy road trip as it's a 9 hour round trip drive. But we know we can rock a road trip.... Plus, they flew all the way from Turkey, we could make the extra effort to make a medium for us drive. So a whirlwind Amish adventure we had!
Stop one, the little but intriguing museum at The Ephrata cloister. We just stopped for a quick look at the museum as we short on time. Plus the buildings weren't all that different than OSV.
Kaya liked a glass trumpet dug up by Archaeologists.


From there we drove a lot of back roads and saw many cool old farms,

and ways of life,

and Amish buggy's!

Dede looked excited! So we decided to get on and ride!

 Our Driver was an Amish man named David. I sat up front with him and we chatted about so many things.

Our horse, he liked to trot, and was not keen on trucks...

Jess told us about a place called Plain and Fancy farm, so we went there and had a traditional PA Dutch family style meal, complete with Shoo fly pie.

It was on a beautiful property so we stayed a bit to spy turtles,

 Play house,

 and um, play some more!

 Next, we found this crazy general store which turned into this giant antique maze,

It even went under ground. It was pretty awesome. Jean, you would have lost your mind!

On our way out, we stopped to briefly check out some old steam trains. I had every intention of riding one, but every one else was beat!

So back on the road  to home we went.
Evren thought we had been on the road for two days. He snapped a self portrait so he could show me how tired he was.
 This is Ev in the middle of a 16 hour total road trip:

Good stuff!


Jessica said...

FInally! After 2 years I can finally recommend something to you! We took the same horse and buggy ride. Did you stop off at the dairy farm for cookies baked by Amish children?

mamak said...

No! Our buggy made no stops, it was Abe's buggy and we took the three mile trip. It was fun, but cookies would have been great! Thanks for the recomendation, we enjoyed it!

Andrea said...

Awesome, every part of it. I am totally jealous, and want to go!! I love that store, and the fact that you did this in one day, really??? You rock! Thanks for sharing. I hope you are all rested.

Heart Rockin Mama said...

I was thinking "I would LOVE that place"! and then I saw that you thought I would, too! You know me, babe!


Looks like such a fun trip