Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We had a nice final week just hanging out and being together.

Saying goodbye just stinks.
 But we know we will see them again when we visit Turkey again.
The kids drew pretty pictures to hang in their house.

And also picked out pieces of pottery for them to take.
The airport always seems like such a rushed goodbye, but we did the best we could.

We had time to enjoy the food court's finest!

These last photos were blurry because it was time for them to get in line, and I did not have time to adjust the camera. It reminds me of how harried everything felt.

So we did what anyone would do...

We took a little ride to the doughnut plant!
But don't ask Addy about the horrific 5 hour drive home because of the accidents on every route we tried.
 He will speak tongues of foul and convulse.
It's really is hard to host people for a month.
But when they leave there is an empty hole that takes time to fill back in with whatever normal is.
We miss them, but it makes those long flights worth it!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More cooking with Babaanne!

This was one of our last great meals together. I have a friend, a pure foodie. She had wanted to make a special dish called Manti. It's basically little dough pockets of spiced meat served with a yogurt garlic sauce. It's pretty darn amazing. It is comfort food at it's finest.
So, she and her family trotted over for a huge cooking festival where we made the Manti with good company, much laughter and good friends.

It's a fantastic time to get together with special people and to create a meal to enjoy all together.
Then for some Dolmas, which are stuffed grape leaves, with meat and rice.

So much fun to roll.
The guys cooked meat over an open fire.

It was full on Turkish dining,

 and it was amazing!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taking a break from posting our time with Dede and Babaanne to put up Thanksgiving at the appropriate time.
How lame would it be if I got around to it next week?
 It would have lost it's place, and nobody would be thankful for that!
 This Thanksgiving:
 We decorated,

 We dressed up,
We cooked,

We had another lovely feast surrounded with those we love,

We Happy Birthday'd to our cousin,
We played,

We nerfed,

We played some more,

and we skyped with cousins far away.

 As soon as we had the place to ourselves, we busted out the Christmas stuff!