Monday, October 10, 2011


We had a storm pass by a while ago now.
Days, weeks, not sure.
It left behind the most stunning clouds and sky.

I called for the kids, naturally.
Come see, come see the most awesomewonderfulglorious thing!

and they saw

butt cheeks in the sky.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I love your kids, but you already knew that ;)

Lisa said...

hilarious! made my night! they are beautiful!!!
have a great week

verdemama said...

he he he. That's great!

MamaTea said...

Well, of course they saw butt cheeks. Isn't that what you saw? ;)

Your kids are great!

kelly said...

Love this!!!

When we moved to our new house, we pulled up late at night and I could hear the stream near by. When I asked the kids what they could hear, my 8 year old replied "Erm.....I think I heard an owl fart."


Jessica said...

I remember this storm....I think it was the one that produced the double rainbow. I love looking at the world through your childrens' eyes!

Ruralmama said...

On a similar note, my hubby says this about those clouds:

He's such a child. :-)