Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last bits

I found some lost summer images on my camera.
Ah, summer.
Those were good times.
Fall is ok. I enjoy fall.
But the winter? You can have it. I will take one or two good snows to sled, snow ball and snow man, and just gaze out at the beauty. Then I'd really like summer back.
Oh summer..
I will miss the lazy ambling of you.

 I will miss the look of bare skinned, tanned up, limbs akimbo, popsicle mouth, face painty children, you created.

 I will miss the drowsy, in between the adventure, moments of you.

Bye, for now..
I'll be waiting.


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Ingi said...

We are heading into summer here in Oz (although you'd never know from the weather we've had this week). Ahh, you've got me looking forward to it now!!