Saturday, October 22, 2011


As you have probably noticed I have not been posting here. It's not my usual, I am feeling lazy excuses, it's quite the opposite! Addy's parents are visiting us from Turkey, and they are staying with us for a month.

 It is quite a different pace around here. I am in full host mode. The kids have been busy hanging out with their far away grandparents, we have been doing day trips, and lots cooking, and communicating in a foreign language. It is all so good, but exhausting!
One of our trips was to the beach before the weather drops into the 50's. We spent a few hours walking around the marsh,

and eyeing the hurricane damage.
dipped our toes in the sand,

Looked out at the ocean and discovered what tiny treasures the sand held for us.

 We even rescued a pretty large fish.

It was a sea robin, and it was a pretty nifty specimen.
We saw these guys in the sky.

 I am not sure what the contraption is actually called, but it was way cool.
We found love in the sand,

big love.

A vertebrae too.

It was a lovely day,

 and kind of goofy.


Rosemarie said...

Enjoy your time making such special memories together.

Jessica said...

There is just something about the beach.......looks like a great family memory was made!

Andrea said...

You just gave me beach envy! You appear to be an excellent host, have fun with the grandparents, or keep having fun, I should say.