Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's the new Christmas!

So far there is about 5-7 inches out there. Too hard to tell with the wind drifts.
I have a feeling next year we'll be out on a normal fall day saying remember last year's snow?


Yesterday was a perfect day to head out and pick three perfect pumpkins to carve up. We took the grand parents with us naturally.

Tragically, there is no Halloween celebrated in Turkey, and they find all of this hullabaloo very intriguing.

Off to the local pumpkin patch!

 Searching, searching, searching.


Now for the truly fun stuff.

Very confusing tradition the pumpkin carving...

I mean one looks so befuddled and the other kind of revolted...
But once the things of beauty were set a glow, it all came together and made perfect sense.

How about them pumpkins?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LONG day!

But so fun!
We did a mini road trip and took the Grandparents to check out early American life at OSV!
Another awesome fall day well spent in CT.

Then we headed out to one of our favorite stores ever, Cabela's.

It's more like a museum, kinda, sorta..
Then, we were good and hungry and headed out to our favorite pizza joint!
Babanne liked the kids coloring menu.

 They do not have that bit of pre dining fun in Turkey.
Dede got creative with the wiki sticks, and made Marlin a flower.

We slept well.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Marlin had a Girl Scout hiking meeting over at the Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT. It was a gorgeous day, autumn at it's finest. The waterfalls were beautiful,

  and the kids were feeling very adventurous.

We took along Dede and Babanne , which is Grandpa and Grandma in Turkish, along with us.

They really enjoyed the park. You know, it really is times like this, when your showing off your part of the world to others, that you realize what a beautiful place you live in. Hosting the Grandparents has turned into a true staycation for us, and we are having such a great time together!