Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Road trip to marine science!

 A couple of years ago I came across a website for the Marine Science Consortium. It looked amazing, but Ev was young, and so it was placed on my ever flaming back burner.  One day, Jess and I were just hanging out talking about stuff and this place came up. She immediately said, in a nut shell, "Let's do it!"
And so the ball began a slow roll. It was booked, and we waited. Instead of making it a whole group thing with all of our buddies, we decided to keep this intimate. Sometimes it's just really special to do something one on one with another family. It's just cozy and not overwhelming. I have a few souls in my family that would get overwhelmed with that much busy-iness and all the crazy dynamics a large group brings, and for that amount of time.
Don't worry, Jean. I never cheated. There was no close sitting while I was away...
Anyway, Addy and I woke at 3:00 a.m on Friday morn to tend to a few last things, and then loaded the kids up. We were driving away at 4:15 a.m. It was close to an 8 hour trip. Kids did great, we stopped twice, once to eat, and another to hit up a red box and buy a pair of sneakers for Kaya, who lost his the night before.
We arrived way earlier than the 3:00 check in, but our dorm was ready and we checked in and unloaded. Then we headed into Chincoteague, VA. to grab some seafood. We hit up Capt. Zack's, a take out we had some yummy at last time. I got in touch with Jess, who was around the area and met us there.
Apparently, I have no pictures of this first day!? So I borrowed them ever so politely off Jess' blog.
Since I have SO much trouble calling this game by it's common name, I refer to it as the Cool Bean Bag Toss game.

After lunch we headed back and got the rooms set up.

Apparently, they danced in the hallway. Not sure how I missed out on that kind of fun, but I did!

There was not much to do on campus, which was normally a mute point, because we were hardly there. I can not believe how much we did this weekend! It was amazing, and exhausting, but mostly amazing. It made me realize a few things about myself, and the kids, but I will get to that in another post..
 So we were super resourceful and pulled together a hoops game, to pass the 45 min till dinner.

 We also used the lounge to play card and board games.

Dinner was so fun. It was cafeteria style like college or school, but the food was better. This was all new to my kids who thought it was the coolest thing ever. I meant to get pictures, but the day I brought my camera to get the photos I happened to find THREE black widow spiders, and that trumped the cafeteria photos. I wonder if Jess got any?
Between meals, while the kids were waiting for the Adults to stop yammering, they always headed to the volleyball court to play in the sand.

That night we were treated to a trio called, "Three Sheets" who sang sea shanties, and traditional English/Scottish ballads.

They played some really unique instruments that we had never heard of before. I mean we heard of them, but never actually HEARD them, Dulcimers.
We stayed as long as we could. But we were damn tired. So most of us left to get some sleep.
Wake up time for the next day was 6:40 a.m..
But it was so worth it!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Aw, Kim, I didn't doubt you for a minute ;) You are such a goob!

Looks like fun. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Theresa said...

haha! When people say the name of that game and then that CHILDREN played it, I have to remind myself that it is NOT what it sounds like!

Shel said...

What a fun adventure! OK, I must be the only one that does not know the real name of the "cool bean bag toss" game! Either that or I am just having an extreamly flakey moment. :)

mamak said...

Shel, it's, it's, it's....

Shel said...

OK, just read Jess' post and got the name of the game! :) Totally, never heard it refered to as that before! Too funny! :)