Sunday, September 11, 2011


Keep saying it.
Now alternate whenever you wish with Kokomo.
It's so fun.
For me.
Anyway, beside just being a super swell word to say, it's a river, and we canoe'd and/or Kayak'ed it.

That was fun to do as well.
The Pokomoke is a river in Maryland. It is full of Bald Cypress trees, and beaver, and river otters, which we did not see, but was cool to know and to keep an eye out for. We saw a turtle though, and wood duck nest boxes. We saw Addy, Kaya, Evren, and Greg's canoe crash into a bush.

That was funny.
'cause no one was hurt.
And there were many giggles and snorts.
I have never canoed much before, and Addy and I discovered that we loved it. So maybe it will be something that we try to do more of.
Did you know that the Pokomoke, has some more cool facts about it other than it's so fun to say over and over in your head name?
 Yes, it does!
It has black water because of the amount of tannins it contains.
It also is the one of the deepest rivers in the world relative to it's width.
After our fun river tour, we headed to the park for a grill out, and an amazingly fun game called Blob that Jess posted all about today.

You need to play it, probably today if you have pool noodles, friends, and decent enough weather.

 The kids also sang songs,

and played campy games.

Before we headed back to the center, we made another stop to the Delmarva Discovery Center.
We learned a little of the pokomoke culture and history,
Addy thinks he can fight off a wild black bear if he had to.
No, he kind of does..

 Trying to clam.
It's hard!

 Learning new knots.

 We bought some really great souvenirs at the gift shop, because that is really important to a few kids I know.
 It was another really good day.
But like always, this was just our morning, we had quite a ways to go till our heads hit the pillow.
Stay tuned!


Jessica said...

LOVE those pictures of the river. I was wishing I brought my camera on the kayak but I was afraid it would get wet. We would love to go kayaking again (or canoeing) . I know some state parks rent them for a few dollars. Want to pick a park and a date??? It would be beautiful to do in the fall.

mamak said...

Hell ya!

Ruralmama said...

LOL! When I saw the name of your post on my blog roll, I initially thought it said "Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon," which would have received high marks in our household (my kids are obsessed).
Much better for moms, it being Pokomoke!

mamak said...

It is so similar! I bet it's a common mistake really. I am adding you to my blog roll. Somehow I lost track of you! Good to see you again!

MamaTea said...

I'm with RuralMama - I was thinking Pokemon as well. But I'm guessing you didn't find any in the river. :) Looks like a great day. I'm so glad you bring your camera everywhere! Those games look like a blast. I don't have pool I'll have to improvise. :)