Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our last day.

The weekend had to come to end, and although we were tired, we were feeling like we just wanted a few more days. We had a very full half day ahead of us before it was time to get in our car and head back home.
Well, we woke up extra early because it was checkout time and we needed to vacate the dorm before heading to our activities. That is hard to do in the morning before one has been sufficiently caffeinated. It did happen somehow and we got that dorm cleaned up, and our cars packed up. It was off to breakfast and then we went to do a little project with the family photos they took of us when we arrived.
We each got to decorate frames to remember this weekend by. Everyone was really into it.

They came out amazing and I love them. 

Now it was time to head off for a very cool field trip. After seeing this constantly,

 on our boat ride and all the bus rides we took, we were off to see the NASA visitor's center!
We had a great presentation about astronauts, the future of space missions and all about the new shuttle Orion. 

We learned about all the satellites that we saw daily. Some were NASA's and some were NOAA and were used to track the hurricane we all recently experienced. I was most excited to hear about the future of the space program, it's hardly dead. It is absolutely incredible what they are building.
Then we learned all about the space suit, and Grace got to be the model.

Then it was off to explore the center.

It was pretty small but there were some very interesting things to be found.

We headed back to the Marine Science Consortium and we grabbed our last fun cafeteria style lunch. We really enjoyed the whole process and all of us sitting around together. We will miss the awesome lunch ladies. I never thought we would love that as much as we did.
 I bet it was the cool trays....
Afterwards we met in the lobby for our certificates.
In order to get your certificates you had to tell the group something you liked, and something you learned.

 There was a lot to pick from!

 But getting up in front of a group is always kind of uncomfortable, but we all were able to do it except for Evren. He was really not having any of that, and he hid behind a plant. So Addy helped him out and spoke for him, and all was well.

It was such a great weekend!
Marlin was a little teary at the thought of not another tomorrow. The boys really want to come back and do it again, or maybe do the homeschool program since it has different topics. Marlin did find out that there is a sleepover camp, and there is a three day option. She really wants to give that a go next summer, so we'll more than likely be back in this area again very soon.
 I really can't complain.
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