Wednesday, September 7, 2011


For so long! Between hurricane/tropical storm Irene and a 4 1/2 day power outage, and a very intensely busy but great 4 day marine science excursion, I have been unplugged.
 It has been so, so, nice. Since I only blog for my own memories mostly, and a little to give others ideas of the amazing time they can have with their kids out there in the world at large, and about all the learning that happens while having all that fun. Taking a break was easy.
Let's back track...

We were all kinds of prepared for her.
Moved the cars to safe areas in the yard.
That tag on the back of Rio's head was his contact info in case he should break free of his paddock in the storm.

Took all the plants in and laid down all the things that could flip or fly.

By the time she got to us in Connecticut she was downgraded to a tropical storm. There was a lot of rain some wind, and that's just enough when you live with in the tree's. Power was out for a while, and that included no water. So we were left to rough it for a while.
Roughing it includes a hand crank/solar radio which was the only electronic thing running for a while..

 We only had some minor barn fence damage,

and a few downed saplings,

 and branch debris.

The frog creek was running at full tilt,

 and that's always a good time.

 We even found a long lost Indy out there having adventures of his own.

 We took a walk around the yard to see what else was sheltering or displaced in the storm.
We found:
A hickory tussock caterpillar.

A tree frog

And a big beauty of a garden snail.

Later on in the evening when the storm clouds moved along, and with the city lights of the other towns all out, we have never seen the stars so bright.

It was  really beautiful.

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Theresa said...

I am still chuckling about the longlost Indy having adventures of his own!