Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday's lately.

Some friends of ours told us of some swim classes being held a few towns over. I know the boys have been wanting to improve their swimming, so I asked if they wanted in.
And they did!
So they have been polishing up their skills. I am really shocked with how much they have improved their techniques in just two classes. They just needed some pointers and practice and they are doing very well!

 Kaya is so thrilled with his improved stamina that he said he is kind of interested in a swim team. But only after he can swim long without tiring, he says.

 So we just have to make sure to get to the pool a lot this winter!
After swim class, we head over to a nearby park to play for a while.
 This has been a load of fun.
There was a particularly muddy day, which was extra fun.

I think we seriously mortified some of the other parents there that day.
Maybe they just don't know that it washes off?


Heart Rockin Mama said...

That mud, that mud!!! We would have been in heaven!

Stephanie said...

How fabulous.
First, we've been thinking swim lessons, as Trev wants to dive.
Second... I've said that to parents at the park who I've seen tell their babes no: I pretend like they aren't telling them no, smile at mine, look at the parents, and say "Good thing we know where the tub is, huh??" :)
Hopefully they get the reminder!

mamak said...

It was loads of fun for them!
What pisses me off is that the parents seemed more concerned with their children's outfits then with the kids having fun. I heard one parent, well I did not hear her, I was able to read her lips as she told her child that it was disgusting and a very stern no. The kid just kept looking at my kids while he tried to enjoy the dry section.
It was lame.
But I have learned that I can only parent MY kids. And that getting caught up in the other children's lack of whatever only depresses me, and gets me angry. I can only love my life and make it a happy one for the kids and I. And truly that is what matters most to me.

Ruralmama said...

I love the pics, both in the pool and in the mud!

About the mud: I've been on both sides of that fence. If the park is close to home, and we aren't going to end up with an entire car of mud? No problem--we just let 'em go. But if the park is a long way from home, then I tell 'em that we can play in the mud at home (where it is plentiful, let me tell ya). Honestly, if it were a huge problem for me, I'd just skip that park on that day. Seems simpler than screaming at your kids and making a big fuss. But some parents do so love to show their power over their kids.
Clothing and children are washable.

golden said...

swimming and mud! how fun.
I hear you about some other parents. I know in our homeschool group I am usually the one letting my children be children esp with Adeline - she is two after all. Another mom with a 2 year old is always telling her daughter to sit still dont run , ect... and If Adeline is playing with her daughter she gets confused cause the mom is telling her daughter to stop doing something that I let Adeline do. I am not a big fan of hover parents - they make things so stressful! just chill and have fun! : )

mamak said...

True! this park was about 20 min from us. BUT I did have their swim towels to dry them off, and there was a large puddle for rinsing the mud off. I honestly think that these particular parents would have been mad at using a towel on the mud, kwim?

Helena said...

Wow! What scrumptious mud sploshing, life living, and moment seizing you've all been doing! Makes me want to go find a mud puddle This Minute. :)

You know, you could've combined the two activities quite nicely if you'd gone to the swimming pool AFTER the park. Now there's a perfect place to rinse off, don'tcha think?!

--insert a mischevious "Bwa ha ha!" right about now :) --

Shel said...

Love this post! We would have been in heaven too! It totally bums me out when parents don't let kids be kids. What's the point of being a kid if you can't get dirty?! :)

MamaTea said...

Oh the mud! I'm sure the other parents were mortified...but oh well! There is nothing better than mud. :)

golden said...


Jessica said...

....but what about the germs? The mess? The car will have to be cleaned? The children will have to be cleaned? They could get sick. They could slip and get hurt. They might give other kids there the idea that playing in mud is okay. Seriously. How could you do that to the other parents?

;-) Wish we were there. Lilah would have been in hog-heaven!