Thursday, September 8, 2011

The lack of male creeklings?

The reason that you saw no pictures of the Boys or Addy on the trawling trip was because you had to be nine and up to be out there. They went off and did their own cool thing though. They got to go shell collecting and sand castle building on Wallop's Island.
I heard they had a pretty good time. Addy only took a few pictures, and they do look kind of happy.

They came home with some huge whelk shells in two different hues, mermaid purse's, broken sea urchin shells that look like sand dollars, and a ton of horseshoe crab tails.
Good stuff.

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Jessica said...

This was the only thing I was disappointed about. I would have loved to walk along Wallops Island knowing that we are super cool cause no one else is allowed there and find shells like the boys found. You just don't find those here in CT...