Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a Morn' Trawl

.On Saturday morning we awoke so early, for us. The adults were typically up shortly after 6:30 a.m and the kids shortly after. There were showers and teeth to tend to. The day bags certainly did not pack themselves. Breakfast promptly started at 7:15 a.m, and I am giddy to say we were NEVER late for anything that weekend! After breakfast we had a 20-ish minute window to get last minute things done, and then meet the bus by 8:30 to start our morning activities.
This morning's activity was going out into Queen's bay to trawl for the unseen creatures living out their wonderful life below deck.
It was awesome!
We signed the boat's passenger log on our way out of the harbor.

We were treated to the signs of an extremely thriving marsh. Birds like Great Blue Heron's, Snowy and Great Egrets, and Cormorant's.
On our way out, we volunteered or were assigned our jobs. We were going to be throwing a trawl net out back of a moving boat, and some directions needed to be carefully followed to ensure our safety. People have been dragged off the back of the boat by line entangled ankles before...
So after our directions were given and the at first complicated trawl dance was rehearsed, it was game on!

We got that net out there with no big splash of unlucky folks. Then we waited as the boat drove slowly around. At last, it was time to haul it in, and reveal our treasure trove.

 Blue Crabs! That salmon colored blob in front of the crab is called a sea pork. No joke...

Puffer Fish! This was it's belly. It's actually called a striped bur fish.
 Summer flounder!

 A Female Blue Crab with almost mature eggs. You can tell the eggs are almost mature by their darker orange color.

 A little mud crab, on a boring sea sponge. No really, it's called a boring sea sponge.
There were a lot of snappy, angry Blue crabs!

I learned how to capture them with out getting clamped!

 I kinda am...
We caught a lot of fish and some other cool life as well. They immediately went into oxygenated water buckets, and then put into tanks at the lab back at the center. All of the creatures would be identified by us in a few days, and then the creatures would be returned back to the bay when our program was finished.
When we returned to the center, the life brought with us were put into the appropriate holding tanks, and left to adjust.

A brief squid. I really, really hoped to catch a squid, and we did! I think it happened only because of how awesome I am...

 A seahorse!

A tropical species of butterfly fish, that pass through. Apparently, they only catch them about once a year, so we were very lucky..

or awesome.
Just sayin'
 I forget what the other fish was called. But who cares? It's not all yellow.
And the cute striped bur fish.

So we left them alone,

and went to lunch and prepared ourselves for the afternoon excursion. Here is Jess' post of this activity.

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