Monday, August 1, 2011

River fish #2 and #3.

We had another river fish rescue kinda like this before, and it was the same scenario. This time it was a Sunny. I saw it in a deeper pool in the creek, and told the boys. They tried to catch it that day, but the fish hid itself under a rock.

We did not see it for a few days, and thought it was making its way down river.
That was good, because the creek is running low.
The following day, we were walking up to the barn. We were passing the creek, when we heard a splash. We walked over and saw the sunny in water so shallow that it had to lay on it's side to submerge. Kaya went to pick it up and then he saw the snake. There was a Northern Water Snake completely underwater about a foot away, staring at the fish.
So we poked it with a stick, and made it go away, perturbed and hungry...
 We tried to get the fish with our hands, but it scooted under a rock. A moment later it darted out and we scoop/splashed it over to a nearby deeper pool.
We headed back towards the house for a net and to bring the car with a water bucket in it.
 We returned and tried to capture the fish, but it was so quick and stealthy with all the rock hiding.
We turned over the large rock we thought it was under not only to discover no fish, but also some really creepy big river bugs!
So this is where my true braveness kicks in...
 In order to get this fish, someone was gonna have to poke around down there with their hands.
We couldn't see, we did not know where the hungry pissed off snake was, and what were those big bugs?
 I stuck my hand all around.
Finally, I felt it's slippery skin. We put the net in front of me and I tried to make the fish head toward it.
I even used telepathy.
It went in to the net!
What a surprise to lift that net up and find two sunnies in there!
 They set off to put them in the bucket in the car.

We drove to the same pond as last time.
 And readied for release.

Kaya's released his first and off it swam.
Ev said farewell to his,

little did he know it was really buh bye..
When his fish hit the water we thought all was well. But a moment later there was this big splash, and we glanced back only to see a few shiny scales floating down.
Darn bass..
Oh well, we tried.
We decided to hit the playground as this new custom dictates.

The end.
Oh, Marlin was not here. She was out and about with friends. She says all the cool things happen when she is gone.
As if...

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