Monday, July 25, 2011

URC 3, part 5. My favorite thing.

A few months before this camping trip, Marlin decided that she wanted to make jewelry to bring and sell. So she sat and spent hours designing and creating really pretty necklaces and some earrings. As the camping trip approached, her confidence began to waiver. She was worried that nothing would sell, and nobody would really like it.
 I encouraged her to bring it, and then see if she wanted to do once she was comfortable there.
On one particular night, she said that she was ready to bust out her wares.
She laid out all of her stuff on a blanket and waited.

 The kids were all busy running around and did not really notice her. So I snuck over to Jean and told her of Marlin's intentions and asked if we could announce something. Luckily it was a music themed night, and so there was a microphone. After the mention of jewelry was made,

she had quite a crowd!

She was beaming!

Her self confidence, and cash flow were growing visibly.

She learned so many things in that half hour, it was outstanding.

Just look at her happy customers!:
There is nothing quite like watching your child do something like this for themselves. It was a leap for her.

Watching her leap was definitely my favorite thing that weekend.


Heart Rockin Mama said...

(Besides hanging with me, of course ;)

The look on her face in those pictures is awesome. I was so happy that she did it, and that she sold out!!! Such an awesome thing for her.
She rocks.

Karen said...

This trip looks amazing! How fun! Kei would have so been a customer. She loves jewelery like this. I am so glad she decided to 'leap'.

Theresa said...

That is awesome!! I love that look of pride and happiness on her face!! YAY!!! Priceless!

Helena said...

How beautiful this story is! How bliss-filled and empowered your girl must have felt. She looks so happy here. This is just lovely.

I love all these photos, and I've really enjoyed every one of your URC posts. I wish we could come to the next URC adventure! (Perhaps we could…what are costs and a 24 hour flight in comparison to a camping trip this AWESOME? :) )