Tuesday, July 19, 2011

URC 3, Part 2

There was a group outing to go see the last Harry Potter film. Marlin decided that she wanted to go. The boys did not. So she caught a ride with the Heart Rockin' Family, and the rest of us set out on our own.
 We headed down in to Plymouth to set out on a jetty walk.

They have a very long rock jetty in which to walk out into the bay,

 and read interesting graffiti on the way.

 Such a pretty walk.

The sun was setting which made for a lot of beauty.

Afterwards we went out for fried seafood right there on the side of the water. Then we noticed a chocolate shop,

so we ducked in and got some yumminess for the ride back.
It looks like just Kaya was with us, but Ev was there too. He was just tired and crabby and wanted NO pictures taken of him. So Kaya was the guy to photograph. Ev did perk up after a big dose of chocolate..


Theresa said...

Looks awesome! I love the photo with all of the boats!

Stephanie said...

I so love piers.

Stephanie said...

(And jetties and boardwalks and all things like them.)