Sunday, July 3, 2011

Statue of Liberty!

We headed out with some other families to take on NYC, and check out the Statue of Liberty. I think the train, and the subway was the best part of the trip. Although, somehow I managed to not take any pictures of that part...
So let's begin..
Happy kids, after the train and subway ride.

 Playing with water in the lovely gardens of Battery Park.

 Apparently, water fountains are not only for drinking.

One of my favorite people ever, getting ready for the ferry ride!

The Statue of Liberty as seen from the boat, at some point...

Picnicking on the grass on the island. That was so much fun.

 Finally, time to get closer...

Some explored the statues base,

While others climbed it.

Here she is!

Here they are!

 Time to enter and climb.

Close to 500 stairs later, and we get to the neat stuff.

 Her nose and toes.

Lot's of history, interesting information, and photo's.
 Origami Liberty!

We made it out to the pedestal, and in the distance you can see the Verrazano Bridge, which is the largest suspension bridge in the United States, the eighth in the world.
 Happy exploring kids,
 Happy exploring Mamas.

The view up into the supports, inside the statue.

 Back on down.
 Tired boy.
 Waited in a long hot line to board the ferry home. Finally on, found seats, and relaxed with a pretty view on the way back to Battery Park.

Caught a little acrobatic street show.

Back on the trains back to home. What a long but fun day. The cool thing is my kids are noticing the Statue everywhere now. On packs of fireworks, on billboards, and license plates. We watched Ghost Busters 2 a few days ago, and they were so excited that the Statue had a big part in that movie.
Good stuff.


~*~The Family~*~ said...

Great pictures! How cool you can go see the Statue of Liberty as a day trip.

julie said...

looks like you had lots of fun!!!