Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It moves slower for us in the summer. I am enjoying all of this slow time. In fact it is my motto this summer.
Easy plans.
Late wake ups.
Nothing to do.
No where to go.
Let the day form unto it's own.
invites from friends,
 and spontaneous cookies...

Popsicle run...
Just screwing around in the yard with the clock tick tocking?



So this us being slow,

doing our thing.

Blowing up soap.

Teaching geese things like eating grass,

and about swimming in the frog creek.

Driveway play.

Creek play.

It's more exciting than you think.


Shel said...

Love this post! Our summers are like that too, minus creek play (sadly)! Loving the late wakes up with nowhere to be, and hoping to get down your way a few times this summer to get our fill of creek play and other fabulousness that comes with life in a small town! Enjoy the lazy days of summer!

julie said...

the lazy days of summer!
Evren looks so tall on the tractor and I love the pics with the ducks - too cute.

Jessica said...

There is nothing better than spending time with the Frog Creek Clan! I love that we get to make so many wonderful summertime memories with you and your kids!

denise said...

Our kind of days - our kind of life. I love that! :)

verdemama said...

yes. Our days too! Some diggin in the mud, splashin in the water, picnic food...I love the "lazy" summery days

Stephanie said...

:) Perfect. Welcome, summer!!

Helena said...

I need, very much, to come to Frog Creek! Do you have room for four frozen Australians? We are very cold down here (major cold snap. I wonder if it would ever snow by the beach in Australia? It feels like it's about to :) ). So I am looking at these lovely, lovely summer pictures and thinking, "Beautiful!" and "How fun," and "I need to get to Frog Creek, this minute!"

Your summer looks fantastic. I love the one of your boy on the mower. Bliss.