Tuesday, June 21, 2011

shark fishing

We rented a fishing charter, Bull dog fishing, to be exact. We wanted to get out there in the sea, and try and catch some sharks.
So we arrived at the docks, and were greeted by some hungry snowy egrets and great blue heron.

We enjoyed our ride out,

 and checked out what we would be using as bait..

The first bite, I was handed the rod, what ever was on there was HUGE. I could hardly do it. Addy had to help me hold the rod and I just had to deal with the reel. We discovered that we had hooked about a 400 pound logger head turtle! It was giant, and so so so strong. It went on and on, and I thought my wrist would snap. We got it right under the boat and then the line snapped. So we did not get a close up view. But it hung around the area of the boat and we were able to see it surface now and then. It was the biggest turtle we have ever seen.
The next few were baby sharks, and the kids got to catch them and inspect them close up. Feel their teeth and skin, and look at their neat eyes.

 It was very cool.
Then Addy caught a little bit bigger one!

Right before it was time to pack up and head back, a big fish took the bait. Unfortunately for us, he severed the steel line. The area we were in was Tiger shark territory. We would have loved to have seen a Tiger up close. It just did not work out, this time...
We had a fun shark and turtle filled adventure anyway, and being out there on the sea  fishing was a blast.

I hope we can do it all again one day.


Jessica said...

So what happened after the trip? Did you identify the shark? Did you eat it? Was Kaya in sharky heaven? Inquiring minds need to know!

mamak said...

We went out for seafood! The bigger shark was called a sharp nose shark, the little sharks were hard to identify but probably black tips. Yes, Kaya was in shark heaven, Ev loved playing with the bait fish and scrubbing the boat, and Marlin spotted turtles with me!