Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our First Art Show!

Our friends over at Teachable Moments, (go there to the link to see more art show photos!) hosted an Art Show after being inspired by one they went to earlier in the spring. We are so appreciative they did!
We packed up our favorite creations and displayed them proudly.

We had a great time looking at others amazing talent and creativity.
Here is just a sample of what we saw:

The thing that my kids loved the most was reading in their comment book. Other kids and adults wrote interesting and positive comments about their art and favorite pieces. They were so proud that people liked their stuff!
It was an awesome night. Thank you so much for organizing this for us to participate in!


Lisa said...

what a cool event!! and what amazing art!!!! i have been thinking of hosting our own art show at home for family and friends. i love the idea of the comment book!
have a great week

Jessica said...

There is nothing better than seeing your children supported by a room full of people who like and respect them. It was an amazing night. We need to pick another theme and do it again in a few months. Liz had the idea of a talent show...

MamaTea said...

That looks like a really awesome event. And how neat to have a comment book for the artists to get feedback about their work! Glad you were able to be a part of it. :)

Helena said...

This looks like such a wonderful event! How great that you got to be part of it, with people your kids respect and admire and are supported by. I can't think of anything better.

And the comment book idea is awesome. I think we'll definitely add that to our next art show. How wonderful that your kids have a memento of the exhibit, and got to feel so appreciated. Lovely :)