Thursday, June 30, 2011

Onward, back to my beloved Savannah

It's true, I am quite smitten with the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia. I have professed my love previously. If you want to see last year's Savannah pictures do a search on this blog for Savannah as your keyword. If I ever turn up missing, one may want to check out Savannah, I may be a new resident. I don't know what it is about this place. It could be it's walkability, it's great diverse fare, and easy driving. It could be all the history and cobble stone. Perhaps it's the spanish moss, or the architecture with hidden beautiful gardens. It could be all of it's ghost stories.
I love it all.
Anyway, We had a day and a half to visit. Thankfully, we have been there enough and have already seen many things, so this just helped us scratch a few more things off the list. It is great to be able to slow down and really dig in a little now.
We decided to swim some more and eat lunch at the beach before moseying down. When we arrived, we decided to get River Street out of the way.

We knew we were only going for the candy anyway..

 After staring completely mesmerized

 by the taffy making machinery, we grabbed some sugary cancer causing dye filled,

 teeth rotters

 and happily wandered around eating our sweets, hopping in and out of gift stores to window shop and cool off in the air conditioning.
We were lucky and were able to see two huge container ships come by.

My kids have never seen ships this large. It was a full block long and taller than many of the buildings.

One was from London, the other Singapore.
They were ferried in by tugboats which looked like toys in comparison.

We left to grab a hotel,  relax a bit and then we headed out for dinner. We stayed the night in the historic district, so we could walk around quite easily.
We chose to eat at the Moon River Brewing Company,

 because it was close, and because, duh, it's a brewery and because Marlin and I had seen it on Ghost Hunters once. It is purported to be haunted. Only Marlin and I cared about that, and well, I also cared for this:
Good beer!
 One of the supposed ghostie hotspots was around this telephone booth, so we HAD to check it out..

Not one boo.
Please hang up and try again..
On our way back to our room, Evren found a neat stick with berries on it.
He was very excited by that.
Savannah has little parks or squares every few blocks, and many of them have fountains in them.



Theresa said...

Well, you could be a representative for definitely have me interested!

I think I drooled on my keyboard when I saw the beer samples...craft beer is a "thing" the hubs & I share ;-)

Winnie said...

I have officially decided that I will only visit Savannah with you!

Winnie said...

oops - that was supposed to be Jess!

Helena said...

Next time you go to Savannah, can you please pack us in your bags? We can curl up nice and small and won't eat too much, promise! And we'd be very good company when you arrive (unless we're a little creaky from the unfolding bones!).

It looks beautiful there. I'm so pleased that you are in a place you love! Everyone looks so happy—what a wonderful Together time for you all. Sending smiles :)

MamaTea said...

I think you look very happy in Savannah and Savannah looks very happy with you. :) I am sorry you didn't get any ghostly activity. :( I am happy you were willing to indulge in the fabulous candy. And the beer. :)